5 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Efforts

content marketing

Content is King. We all heard about it at some point. The demand for marketers to improve their content marketing efforts had risen over the last few years. Mostly because our audience are becoming more and more picky with the type of content that they read and interact with.

In this blog post, we will answer one of the frequently asked questions that we always receive: How to improve your content marketing efforts.

The Content Marketing Personas

“But the content marketing personas are the same as your target demographics, right?”

Well yes. And No.

Content personas is your target demographics + their behavior. When you create your content personas, you need to take into consideration the type of social media they use and the keywords they often search in Google. Do they have time to read a 700-word article? or a snack-able content will be more valuable and beneficial?

The purpose of creating content marketing personas is to deliver valuable content to your target demographics. This will be the backbone of your content marketing calendar. Depending on what your niche is, keep in mind that every single content you create will be read by your content personas and if you were in their shoes, would you read it? will you have the time?

Cut your article in parts

Whether you’re making a blog post or an eBook lead magnet, you need to segment your content.

Some people call it subheading. But we like to call it breakers. Breakers are mini titles below your main title. This will organize your reader’s thoughts and smoothen out your content’s storytelling. It gives your content the proper structure to be understood by readers and by Google crawlers.

Let’s take this article as an example. We cut this article in several parts. Each discusses a separate topic but is still in line with the main topic. Readers often skim through the entire article and only stop when something caught their attention.

Plan Your Content Distribution

Your content shouldn’t be posted in every distribution channel. This will give your target demographics some variety if they chose to follow you everywhere.

At Funnl Digital, we specifically curate content for each social media channel. For example, This specific blog post will work well in LinkedIn and Facebook, but not on Twitter and Instagram. This content will answer questions in quora but it won’t work in reddit.

By carefully planning how you distribute your content, you will save up your marketting time and money while also giving your target demographics the type of content that they actually want.

Start a discussion

One of the surefire ways to keep your content healthy is to start a discussion. Pick on the brains of your personas. Ask them questions, get their feedback, discover and engage with them. When we say you have to be obsessed with your customers, we mean it.

There are different ways to start a fire and get the discussions going. Again, it depends on where your content personas are. They could be in reddit or quora or email or facebook. Ask a question, start a poll. Urge your customers to speak up.

Test and Improve

Not all tips will work. if you want to give value to your customers through personalized content, you have to constantly do experiments and learn from the results. That means failure is an option and your hyptheses will be proven wrong most of the time.

Our content team follows a simple rule: Act – Learn – Build – Repeat. This process is also used by Babson College (The world’s no. 1 school for entrepreneurship) and is one of the proven process in dealing with the unknown – like your content.

In a Nutshell

Marketing is about humans. Think of your content as learning materials for your human customers. You have to be relevant and valuable. That’s why we insist on creating and starting with your content marketing personas.

At the end of the day, our role as marketers is make people fall in love with our brands. At Funnl Digital, our strength is and will always be personalization. Using the data from your account history and continuous testing results, we create content with the readers in mind.